Koala Park SAFE

Save Animals from Extinction

Australia’s first Koala hospital

The mission of Koala Park SAFE

To inspire passion amongst the general public about the Koala and its environment

To supply financial support for research into the diseases of the Koala

To purchase land for the extension of Koala habitat and research, food trees across Australia

Increase the levels of understanding of nature, its conservation, and our place within it as a species, to evoke a desire within the individual person to become more interactive with the natural world around them

For over a 100 years Koala Park has help research diseases of the koala throughout Australia’s and starting Australia’s first koala Hospital.

Through an open day, at Koala Park, and the with the help from public and their donations, we raised and donated over $400,000 to the Koala Health Hub (KHH), which helped to research diseases of the koala, and to hold the world’s first symposium into the diseases of koalas. The work of the Koala Health Hub continues to this day.

To further assist Australian native wild life we wish to build and supply a mobile hospital triage and research vehicle for use in bush fires and to continue research & relocation projects

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