Koala Park Volunteer Programs
Do you dream of working with animals?
Volunteering is the first step into Zoo Keeping!

Volunteers are an essential part of Koala Park’s family. They are hugely appreciated , and we could not do what we do without their generous help!

Applications are now open for 2024!


Please note, after your application has been reviewed , you may be contacted to organise for an interview.   

Employment opportunities are often chosen from our hardworking and dedicated volunteer staff before being advertised publicly.

Participating in the Volunteer Programs does not guarantee employment at Koala Park or within the zoo-keeping industry. Volunteers will be required to purchase a Koala Park Volunteer work shirt for $40. 

All volunteers will be on a 4-week trial period.  For those applying for a volunteer position for a relevant TAFE work-placement,  a confirmation letter from Koala Park for you to provide to TAFE, will not be issued until after the trial period if successful.

Volunteers receive a discount on certain purchases at our Cafe.

Volunteer Keeper

Do you have a love for animals? Do you love working outside in a hands-on way? Would you like to gain experience and training in the animal industry?

If so, this position may be for you!

Koala Park is looking for volunteers to assist with the daily running of the park. This position will allow you to work with animals with a like-minded team. You will receive training, be able to receive relevant TAFE course sign-offs, and be with working along-side Koala Park staff and other volunteers. This position will include learning how to complete husbandry tasks, and servicing of enclosures, food preparation for the animals, and assisting in public interactive animal shows. It is a physical job, which does include a lot of cleaning. Generally you will be required to complete one day a week of volunteering, from 8am-5pm. You will be expected to be reliable and punctual.

You will be required to read, sign, and adhere to our policies.


Please download the form that applies to you, and email completed form to [email protected]

General Keeper Volunteer
TAFE Certificate III Wildlife and Exhibited Animal Care Volunteer

Gardening Volunteer

Do you love to spend time outdoors? Do you love to garden? Would you like to meet new people in a fun and laid-back environment?

If this sounds like you, and you would like to help out a local small business, then this program may be fit for you!

You will help to maintain our park on a volunteer basis. The park is a lovely shady, rainforest-feeling park, with many plants that require some love and care!
You would be helping to maintain gardens, and weeding around animal enclosures, along foot paths, the garden area out the front of the park, and picnic areas. Tools will be provided, but you would be welcome to bring your own and your own gloves.
The hours are flexible. 

You will be required to read, sign, and adhere to our policies


Please download the form that applies to you, and email completed form to [email protected]

Gardening Volunteer